Helga Ósk gratuated as goldsmith 1995 and as a jewelry designer from Institute for Ædelmetal in Kobenhavn 2010. She has specialized in filigree, a technique used to women jewelry in Iceland since the fiftieth century. Helga Ósk has participated in exhibitions around the world

Helga has specialized in the delicate and intricate jewelry metalwork of filigree. Using fine wires and tiny metal beads combining them in fine jewelry. Traditional crafts of Icelandic goldsmiths, who for centuries have made delicate jewelry for women, giving the traditional clothing the final touch. In the 18th century making filigree jewelry as a part of the national costume came the main source of work for goldsmiths in Iceland. The name Milla comes from that particular set of jewelry, each costume has a set of four to eight small things called Milla.

For the last decades the making of filigree has been retreating as a part of the work of goldsmiths, one of many traditional crafts in danger of getting extinct. It has been the previlige of Helga Ósk to have been encouraged to learn filigree from older goldsmiths, keeping the tradition alive as well as getting a source for new design based on ancient roots. 

As well as designing the Milla jewelry, Helga Ósk makes all the traditional costume jewelry for her customers.